5 Insider Tips For Your First Boxing Fitness Class

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step and signed up for your first boxing class!  By now you’ve probably purchased your gloves and hand wraps.  However, you may be experiencing some anxiety in anticipating what your boxing class is going to be like.  After all, it can be a little intimidating going to a gym where people are punching things as hard as they can!  However, no need to fear.  Here are 5 tips to help ease your anxiety and succeed on your first day in the gym:

  1. Go in with a humble attitude and open to learning

This seems obvious but the quickest way to earn respect in the gym is to display humility from the get go.  You also need to come in ready to learn new techniques since you’ve never boxed before.  If you come in humble and willing to learn, you will be extremely well received and well on your way to having great relationships with your training and peers and your new gym!

  1. Make sure your hands and wrists are wrapped properly

Probably the biggest physical issue you will deal with in boxing workouts is getting your hands and wrists used to the punching.  There is a good chance, even if your hands are wrapped properly, you may experience some slight soreness at first.  That is ok, though, it won’t last long!  However, if your hands are not wrapped properly, you are guaranteed to experience soreness and run the risk of injury.  Even if you’ve read our instructional blog on how to properly wrap your hands (**link), it might not hurt to have a trainer help you the first few times.  If they do it slightly different than us, don’t worry. There are a few different ways you can wrap your hands that will safely work.  The most important thing is your knuckles are protected, and your wrists supported.

  1. Be prepared for a total body workout

I remember when I first walked into a boxing gym, I figured that I was about to undertake a great UPPER body workout!  However, I was in for a big surprise when my legs and core were sorer than my hands the following day!  Having quick feet, and strong legs and core are fundamental to boxing.  Be prepared to work just as hard on those areas as you will your shoulders.

  1. No need to be intimated

Remember, everyone has to start somewhere.  If there are people much more advanced than you, that just means they have more experience.  A gym should be a supportive, friendly and inviting place.  The chances are the gym you picked is as well.  If it isn’t, find someplace else!

  1. Be prepared to walk out feeling like a boss (but still humble 🙂 )

I’ve competed in many different sports in my life and done many different types of workouts.  However, NOTHING beats the feeling of walking out of a boxing gym after a great workout.  Since boxing is a form of self-defense,  it does something magical to your confidence when you learn it.  You really do feel like a new person!

In closing, I hope these 5 tips help you get off to a great start with your boxing workouts!  Make sure to let us know how it goes by using #KakoaSports on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!


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