Focus Mitt Work: The Boxing Workout You’ve Been Missing

You might be missing out on a super fun boxing workout.

Most boxing and kickboxing classes use shadow boxing, heavy bag, and bodyweight exercises. Each of these is an excellent method and essential to keeping your workout varied, and your total body engaged.

If you have ever worked with a personal boxing training, you know there is another boxing exercise that is incredibly fun: focus mitts.

Here’s what it looks like. Check out this compilation from AJ Perez, who is a personal boxing trainer in LA:

Benefits of a focus mitt workout

You’ll need a partner to hold the mitts for you, but you’ll see a ton of benefit from this type of boxing workout.

  • Accuracy – focus mitts provide a smaller target to hit than a heavy bag (or air if you’re used to shadow boxing), so you’ll notice your punch accuracy improve over time.
  • Technique – To develop your skill, you’ll have to get better at throwing punches with proper technique. The beauty of boxing is that everything is connected.
  • Speed – As you work on your accuracy and technique, you’ll be able to throw faster punches … which means a higher intensity workout and more fun!
  • Interest – Focus mitts are a ton of fun because they challenge your skills, provide variety, and feel more exciting than hitting a heavy bag. You’ll find yourself more interested and want more.

How to get started with focus mitts

We recently came across a couple good started videos to help you get started with focus mitt workouts.

This video from Kombat Arts Academy explains how to hold focus mitts to make sure you and your training partner stay safe.

The second video is from MMA Surge and walks you through the basics of punching and holding focus mitts.

The last video from Uncaged Fighter demonstrates a fun combination you can work on after you master the basics.

Tell us your tips

Already use focus mitts? Leave a comment with your tips, drills, and ideas for a fun workout. We’d love to hear from you!

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