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How To Prevent Your Boxing Gloves From Stinking

Imagine this …

Your friend just bought a new pair of running shoes. She researched online, tried on 10 different pairs, and even got a custom fitting at the local running store. With all that effort spent, you know she’s going to take care of her new shoes … including only wearing clean socks for each run.

Duh, right?

Why don’t we treat our boxing gloves the same way then?

Boxing gloves are more like running shoes than you may think. Let me explain …

In my time around boxing gyms, I would always hear people complain about their gloves smelling. But those same individuals would wear dirty hand wraps, workout after workout.

The key is to think about your hand wraps as “socks” for your boxing gloves – always wear a clean pair. Dirty hand wraps are most commonly responsible for the foul odor.

Here’s a list of no-no’s if you don’t want your gloves to smell like a locker room:

  • Never wear hand wraps that are damp or wet
  • Don’t wear unwashed hand wraps (even if they are dry)
  • Never store your gloves in your gym bag

But’s there’s more you can do to prevent your gloves from smelling. Although it’s a tough task to keep your gloves smelling brand new, there are several “hacks” to help.

Here are my favorite hacks to keep your boxing gloves smelling their best:

Use Your Washer and Dryer

Did you know that you can wash most hand wraps just like clothes? It’s OK, a lot of people don’t even think about it. So just throw your wraps in with your next load of laundry – washer and dryer.

I see a lot of people only air dry their wraps by hanging them up. While air drying your wraps is better than wearing wet wraps, It’s still not ideal. When the sweat dries on your wraps, it will still produce an odor. Your gloves will adopt that stench during your next workout.

If you are wearing clean wraps, your gloves will smell like fresh laundry.

3 sets of hand wraps

Own Multiple Pairs

… but if you’re a rational human, you hate doing laundry. And if you hate doing laundry, you won’t wash your wraps very often. Solution?

Simple. Buy a few extra pairs of hand wraps.

Just like wearing clean socks for running shoes. You don’t just have one pair of socks, do you?

The good news is we don’t want your gloves to stink up the gym, either. We’re here to help. Grab a pair (up to 3) right now at 50% OFF! Our gift to you for reading the blog.

White Kakoa Sports Boxing Gloves Hanging on a green wall

Air Dry Your Gloves

Like we said in the definite no-no’s section, never leave your sweaty boxing gloves in an enclosed area like a gym bag. Doing this will not allow your gloves to dry out, and will lead to your gloves smelling horrible.

You’ll want to hang your gloves on something that will help them air out after a workout. Something like a coat stand with branches for coats makes for a perfect place to air out your gloves. If you have nothing like that, just unstrap them and let them air out in a cool, dry place.

The key is to find a place with good airflow. We’d love to see your creative solution for air drying your boxing gloves. Tag us on social media or leave a comment below.

red hair dryer

Blow Dry Your Gloves

A neat trick and an even faster way to dry out your gloves if you are incredibly grossed out by them being wet after a workout is to use a blow dryer on the inside of your gloves.

This is a fast and efficient way to dry your gloves out quickly when you get home from the gym after a long and tough workout!

stack of dryer sheets

Homemade Odor Absorbers

Although can buy glove deodorizers, our favorite way to keep your gloves smelling fresh is an easy homemade version. You can use a variety of options that everyone has around the house:

  • Clean, fresh pair of socks (emphasis on clean)
  • Clean, dry wash clothes, and
  • Dryer sheets (pictured)

Each of these works well to absorb odor and keep your gloves smelling fresh for as long as possible.

Hand Wraps Are Socks For Your Boxing Gloves

So, to close, remember to think of your hand wraps as your “socks” for your boxing gloves. If you do that, you are going to be off to a great start on the road to keeping your gloves from smelling like a locker room.

And to help you not stink up the place anymore, you can grab an extra pair of hand wraps at 50% OFF just for reading this blog post.

6 thoughts on “How To Prevent Your Boxing Gloves From Stinking

  1. Chandra says:

    I spray inside mine with Lysol and put them on top of a small fan blowing up into them. When I’m unable to do that I’ll use a floor vent while heat or ac runs or last resort always add the dryer sheets. Those sneaker balls work well too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robbins Sports says:

    By using a blow dryer on the inside of your gloves you will have a neat trick and an even faster way to dry out your gloves if you are incredibly grossed out by them being wet after a workout. This dryer can really be a solution to your problem.

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