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3 Expert Ways to Know What Boxing Gloves to Buy

If you are about to join a boxing gym, then more than likely you are also shopping for a pair of boxing gloves for your upcoming training. But how do you know what boxing gloves to buy? If you’ve never done this before, the task can be surprisingly daunting and confusing due to all of the different options out there. There are different decisions to make such as do you buy bag gloves or training/sparring gloves? What size should you buy? How much should you expect to spend to ensure you are getting a quality glove?

Here are the answers based on my own years of boxing training:

Bag Gloves vs. Training/Sparring Gloves

When you’re wondering what boxing gloves to buy, the best type of all-purpose boxing glove for fitness is the training glove. With the training glove (sometimes also called sparring gloves by some manufacturers) you can hit the heavy bag, punch mitts, and spar (if you ever get that serious with your boxing). It also typically offers a little more protection and padding than bag gloves do.  In my opinion, the bag gloves are simply an additional purchase some of the larger companies who sell gloves try to get you to make.  In my years of training boxing in real boxing gyms, I’ve never seen any of the professional fighters switch to bag gloves during the middle of a session to hit a heavy bag. It’s simply not necessary. So in short, if you are about to join a boxing class or gym and you need a pair of gloves, go for the Training/Sparring Gloves as your best value.

Bottom Line:  Buy Training Gloves

What Size Gloves Should I Buy?

When it comes to what size glove you should train with, this also can be a simple thing.  A lot of company’s break down what size you should buy based on weight.  That is certainly one way to do it, but based on my experience men should typically purchase 16oz training gloves and women should buy in the 12oz to 14oz range.  Gloves are rarely going to be a perfect fit simply due to the lack of a custom fitting. If the glove is close to the right size and your hands are wrapped properly for protection (**link to how to wrap your hands**), you should simply be able to tighten or loosen the wrist wrap on the glove accordingly.

Bottom Line:  Men 16oz, Women 12oz-14oz

How Much Should I Expect to Spend?

The sweet spot I would recommend looking for in finding a quality pair of gloves for a reasonable price is typically between $40 and $70.  Sure it is possible to spend less at your local sporting goods store, but the options they present are generally sub-par compared to what you can purchase online or perhaps even in your local gym.  If you do decide to buy a cheap pair from a sporting goods store, you run the risk of poor quality and more importantly less protection for your hands.  Likewise, there are very high-end boxing training gloves available for well above $70, however, unless you are very serious and want to compete spending that much just isn’t necessary.  You can find a great pair for between $40 and $70 that will offer all of the quality and protection you need for your boxing training.

Bottom Line:  Spend $40 to $70 for a quality pair

So in closing, stick to these three tips to make the purchase of your boxing gloves easy.  Good luck in your first training session!

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