About Kakoa

Kakoa Sports logoHawaiian tradition holds animals as sacred. The ancient islanders believed individual animals embodied spirits. Today, Hawaiians commonly depict whales, sharks, and sea turtles in works of art. Wood carvings, paintings, and tattoos are modern connections to the ancient beliefs.

The sea turtle (“honu” in Hawaiian) holds particular significance for us at Kakoa. The ancient Hawaiians believed the honu to represent sovereignty (supreme power, self-governance). We think you have inherent sovereignty over your health, freedom, and dreams. Too often we fall prey to other’s priorities for our lives, and that’s a problem.

You have the power to create a healthy lifestyle, the capacity to design a flexible way of life, and the ability to make your dreams come true. It is all available to you, but you need a warrior mentality to make it a reality.

A warrior has a certain attitude. He believes he can succeed, is fiercely focused on his goals, and won’t let others stand in his way. A warrior does not always mean violent or combative. You can have a warrior mentality for your family, at work, and in your training.

Kakoa represents where self-governance meets the warrior mentality. The term “ka koa” translates to “the warrior” in Hawaiian. It is the driving force behind the fitness products we make, and our inspiration for you.

You can create a healthy and flexible lifestyle. Don’t let others set your priorities.

Be a warrior.

About Kakoa

Kakoa represents a lifestyle of health, freedom, and pursuing your dreams. We make fitness equipment and apparel for people who do not settle for the status quo.