How Kakoa Sports Is A Different Kind Of Company

We often get asked how Kakoa Sports is different than the other health and fitness companies. Being different is core to our business. It wouldn’t make sense for us to be the same as everyone else, so we worked hard to define how we’d be different from the beginning.

There are five ways we clearly separate ourselves as an organization. We’d love to have you as a fan if you identify with these.

We Believe Everyone Can Have A Healthy And Flexible Lifestyle

A healthy and flexible lifestyle go hand in hand for us. Too often we let others set our priorities. We let our employer determine when we go to bed, workout, and spend time with our family. We let social influences dictate our nights and weekends. We let a desire for stuff set our budget and spending habits.

We believe you can take back control over your life, and when you do, you’ll be healthier and happier.

We Focus On Style And Simplicity

We observe the fitness industry becoming complicated. With complication, generally, comes less success. We want to change that. We believe that you’ll stick with a simple routine over a complex one. And creating that healthy habit is far more important that the nuanced gains from a complicated, but abandoned, routine.

We Actually Want To Hear From You

Sure, lots of companies offer to take your feedback and ideas. Many actually listen, and that’s a great thing. At Kakoa Sports, we want you to impact the direction of our company.

For example, the new products we release will be a direct result of input from our fans. The colors and styles we offer are a direct result of your feedback.

While we use automation tools to be as efficient as possible, we personally read and respond to emails. We actually want to hear from you.

We Work Remote 100% Of The Time

As former Cubicaland dwellers, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of a traditional office environment. We believe that we can be happier and satisfied without that structured office space and without an arbitrary eight hours per day to work.

We also live thousands of miles now. Chris and I grew up in Ohio, but both live in different states now. Chris is in Texas, and I’m in Hawaii. Our friendship has been strengthened by the distance. We believe our company can be a new model of success.

We Operate In Cash And Don’t Take On Debt

Both of our families have benefited greatly from getting out of personal debt and not using credit cards. Our lack of personal debt is one of the main factors that allowed us to start Kakoa.

We’re bringing our debt-free financials values to Kakoa to run a business that is 100% driven by cash flow. The only money we spend is money we’ve made.

A debt-free approach means we grow slowly, but we are stronger financially than we would be with the additional risk. We test and retest ideas before investing large amounts of money. Our prices are competitive because we don’t have finance fees.

Debt-free is a unique idea in the business world, but that’s all the more reason for us. Who wants to be the same?

So what makes Kakoa Sports different? We have different beliefs and values than many other fitness companies. We hope you have some of the same beliefs and will join us. Let’s create healthily and flexible lifestyles.

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