Why We Chose Boxing

One of the most common questions we get asked is “why boxing gloves?” We didn’t set out to create a boxing company when we started Kakoa Sports … and we don’t consider ourselves a boxing company. We’re a fitness company that happens to sell boxing gloves right now.

Our goal for you is a healthy and flexible life. We’ll help you create that with straightforward and stylish products. We just started with boxing gloves and hand wraps.

But why boxing gloves?

Because boxing is a natural fit for us. Boxing is something we know and is an area of fitness we can confidently help you with. We grew up watching boxing, we enjoy being active (both college athletes), we believe in boxing as a fitness activity, and we ultimately want to help as many people as we can live healthier lives.

We Grew Up Watching Boxing

As friends since childhood, we grew up watching boxing together. I can remember so many Saturday nights at Chris’s grandparents watching Oscar De La Hoya or Roy Jones, Jr.

All of those nights watching fights on HBO and Showtime developed an appreciation not only for the competition on fight night but the incredible fitness results that come from preparing for a fight.

Boxers (and those who train boxing) are in amazing shape. In some sports, you can succeed without looking like an athlete. Not boxing. Fighters look the part of a professional athlete, regardless of their talent level. It’s the most convincing proof that boxing will get you in shape.

We’re Backyard Athletes

It’s only natural that our company has a sports influence because we’ve been playing sports our entire lives. From traveling baseball teams to high school football to college baseball and lacrosse, we have firsthand knowledge of competing at various levels.

Our company would have to include an element of sports and competitions. It’s who we are. Boxing is the ultimate competitive sport in many ways. It happens to be the ultimate workout, as well.

Boxing Gets A Bum Rap

As longtime boxing fans, we want to help others understand the sport. Boxing is unfairly seen as unsophisticated by many. To the casual eye, it can look violent and nothing more than a show of savagery.

Known as the “Sweet Science,” there’s so much more to boxing than meets the eye. There’s a massive amount of strategy, grace, and mental challenge in the jabs and hooks.

We hope to expose you to a side of boxing you may not know … and even make you a fan.

Boxing Is An Opportunity To Help You Get Healthier

Our ultimate goal is a healthier you, and we can’t think of a better way to get you started on that path than fitness boxing. You get a total body workout, build strength, improve cardio, and have a ton of fun.

So why start a company to sell boxing gloves?
Because it just makes sense for us.

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