Boxing Reflex Ball


Ready to add some fresh fun to your workout routine? Avoid burnout and meet your fitness goals faster with a Boxing Reflex Ball from Kakoa Sports. You’ll improve your conditioning, sharpen your accuracy, burn more calories, and have a ton of fun … all while avoiding the burnout from doing the same workout routine over and over. Mix it up. Grab a Boxing Reflex Ball from Kakoa Sports.

  • Meet Fitness Goals Faster – Boxing workouts are proven to work more muscles and burn more calories because they engage your entire body.
  • Have More Fun – Workout routines get dull over time, so add some fun back into your program with a challenging and incredibly fun Reflex Ball workout.
  • Burn More Calories – You’ll feel a Reflex Ball workout in your entire body burning more calories while you engage your arms, legs, and core.
  • Build Conditioning – Get your heart rate up as your Reflex Ball skills improve. You’ll build conditioning and endurance that will aid in your other workouts.
  • Sharpen Accuracy – Every boxing workout involves accuracy, but only a Reflex Ball can help you throw those pinpoint jabs, crosses, and uppercuts.


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